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 Allison, Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C. represents individuals in legal matters arising out of employment relationships. This includes litigation involving discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender, national origin, or religion; matters involving federal and state wage and hour laws; the statutory employment rights of public employees; the negotiation of severance agreements on behalf of unrepresented employees; grievances and other proceedings arising under collective bargaining agreements, employee handbooks, individual employment contracts, and the common law of at-will employment; and matters involving pension, profit sharing, health insurance, and other employee benefits. The firm's lawyers have represented individuals, classes of individuals and unions in such matters in the federal and state courts at the trial and appellate level; before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, and other federal and state administrative agencies; and in alternative dispute resolution procedures such as arbitrations and grievance proceedings.                                     



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